House of Nom de Plume by A. Naselli
Nom de Plume by A. Naselli is a couture brand, based in Denmark. It is a House where mystery, adventure, love, romance and beauty prevail everywhere. The Latin word Nom de Plume means penname in english, and every name in each collection is build around a psynonym.
There is a telling to each collection. Maybe the tale, obvious is not to read. But it is there.

Nom de Plume by A. Naselli has been involved in many design related senarios, for The danish Royal Ballet. TV Shows, and has also been responsible for design and decór for cultural events, and fashion shops.

Get Nom de Plume by A. Naselli piece
We mostly do couture for the discerning audience. If the gentry require special things made. You can contact us and make an appontment, and we will arrange a meeting with you and our designer.

The designer Alberto Naselli
Nom de Plume by A. Naselli is like a parallel univers between the year of our protagonist who was born in 1540 and then the time we know of today. Alberto Naselli lived in italy, was born in anno domino 1540 in Bergamo west from Milano, east from Venezia, and he was the creator of the famous Arlechino from Commedia Dell Arte. In 1572, he had his major breakthrough, and eventually he introduced Paris and the rest of the world to Commedia Dell Arte and all the greatness behind it. A. Naselli was born to entertain the mob. Many stories about this man and his characters have been told, and this one is the tale of Arlechino and what lies behind his colourful outfit.

No man have existed for over 471 years, of what we know, he died in the late 16th century. But this man was the man behind all the greatness of Commedia Dell Arte of what we know of today. We embrase the theatricle life of living and want to spread it into the fashion industry.

Alberto Naselli is not any longer the man behind the mask. He is a psynonym for a new person who claims to be the "new" Alberto Naselli

After his breakthrough in 1572 he started the company Nom de Plume by A. Naselli in 1591 and in the parallel univers of today was that the year 2007. The "new" Alberto was born 1988